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A “whiplash injury” occurs when the head is suddenly forced beyond the normal limits of motion. In the case of rear-end collision, the neck muscles violently snap the head forward. Then, an immediate reflex causes the head to propel backwards.

In a whiplash injury, the supportive soft tissues in your neck are often over stretched or torn and spinal joints can become misaligned.

Misaligned vertebrae can cause the nerve roots and blood vessels in your neck to become compressed., stretched or irritated. This may interfere with nerve transmission and blood supply to vital body functions.

The normal curve of the cervical spine is altered and join motion becomes restricted. Weakened tissues are no longer able to support the vertebrae in proper position. That’s why it is so difficult to keep your head upright after a whiplash! The instability of the structures within your neck can cause anything from dizziness and pain, to loss of strength and limited movement.

Chiropractic care can relieve the symptoms of whiplash that you’re now experiencing, and can often prevent your cervical spine from developing serious problems later on in life!

Scientifically Proven Relief!

How many times have you heard someone imply that your whiplash pain is “all in your head?” A newly released frustration study now ends the controversy over pain associated with whiplash injury.

Following a 10 year study, prominent researchers found that facet joint pain was the definitive cause of chronic head and neck pain in 60% of the whiplash cases they studied.

In addition, the study showed that 87% of the patients exhibited a limited range of cervical motion. Together, these findings suggest that many whiplash injuries would respond well to chiropractic care, since adjustments are specifically directed at the facet joints.

In fact, studies published in 1992 by Cassidy, Quon, and Lopes showed that chiropractic adjustments can eliminate or reduce joint pain and restore range of motion at the specific level of the injury.

The Results Are In!

Chiropractic Care Is Proven Relief.
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